Angels: feels like heaven

Rave reviews for epic play

‘Plays don’t come much more epic than Angels in America,’ says BBC entertainments correspondent Tim Masters.

In an article headlined Angels in America: 8 reasons why it feels like heaven, he explains that the play, set amid the Aids crisis in 1980s America, Tony Kushner’s ‘gay fantasia’ lasts roughly the same duration as a flight from London to New York.

“Over eight hours, it packs in angelic visitations, burning books and surreal trips to icy continents and, of course, heaven.

“And let’s not forget a stellar cast that includes Andrew Garfield, Denise Gough, Nathan Lane and Russell Tovey.”

You can see the live screening of Part I here on Thursday 20 July and Part II on Thursday 27 July.

MTV says of the play: “Weird, wonderful and wilfully stimulating, Angels in America is modern theatre at its finest.

“It’s an A-star acting ensemble supported by an equally as dazzling stage production and direction. Crafting a show that has angels descending from the ceiling (and then sex-wrestling the protagonists), flamethrower-style bursts of righteous hellfire, bed bound scenes of deep introspection and the occasional wet dream, emotionally dense and dialogue-heavy character tete-a-tetes and journeys to otherworldly locales (no spoilers here) is no mean feat – doing it in a way that makes narrative and production-sense, even less so.”

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