Dunkirk's 'virtual reality'

Director tells the story

Film director Christopher Nolan has revealed that Winston Churchill does not feature in the new blockbuster, Dunkirk (12A), which is showing at the Palace on Saturday 16 September. (Follow this link for tickets and more details).

For many, the Dunkirk evacuations are inseparable from Churchill and his most defiant pledge to never surrender.

But Nolan says in The Telegraph that he didn’t want audiences to get ‘bogged down’ in politics. Instead, the on-screen action focuses on the survival story in his bid to make a film relevant for modern day audiences.

Writing for the Telegraph’s Saturday Magazine, he said he wanted to create ‘virtual reality without the headset’, bringing the reality of Dunkirk home without touching its politics.

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Parts of the film, which stars Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh and One Direction’s Harry Styles, were filmed in Weymouth.

Before the film goes on general release, take a look at these old photographs to see how the real evacuation unfolded.