The lure of the ukulele

Our latest FLEA! video

What is it about the ukulele – a humble, modest little instrument – that is bringing the circus-themed, community theatre production, FLEA!, to such a magnificent crescendo?

This musical maelstrom of serious fun and absurdist humour for audiences of all ages is on at the Palace from 23 – 27 May. Tickets are selling VERY fast. Everyone is just itching to see the show, which has been written by award-winning composer Andrew Dickson and directed by Niki McCretton, from an original idea by Sally Vaughan.

More information and advance ticket details here.

Producer Sally was inspired by the word ‘ukulele’ which means ‘jumping flea’ in Hawaiian, because the player’s fingers are said to look like little fleas jumping when they pluck the strings.

From small beginnings, the show is going to be huge, with fantastic stage sets, marvellous costumes and music from start to finish. FLEA! is artist-led but with local people at its heart.

The show stars Hester Goodman, from The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, as flea circus ring mistress Madame Celine. In a lovely touch of irony, in the lead role this member of one of the country’s best known ukulele groups despises the instrument with a passion.

Find out in our latest video from Rob Jayne about how the little ukulele makes such a big sound. The clip includes an interview with assistant producer and musical director Nico Brown.