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Bite Sized Ballet : The Three Little Pigs (U)

Wed 17 April

Bite Sized Ballet:Three Little Pigs (U)

A perfect way for little ones to enjoy the magic of dance, music & storytelling.

Northern Ballet’s Three Little Pigs hits the big screen as part of our fantastic season of interactive ballets for children, narrated by Anita Rani.

Three little pigs set out into the world. The first pig decides to build a house of straw, the second a house made of sticks and the third pig chooses to build a house of bricks. Then along comes the very hungry wolf.

The wolf begs each little pig to invite him in for dinner. When they refuse he threatens to huff and puff and blow their houses down. Will any of the pigs be smart enough to escape the big bad wolf?

With playful characters and spellbinding music, this adorable ballet is sure to have your little ones dancing all the way home with excitement!

PLUS: Before each of the ballets, meet Elephant, Monkey or Polar Bear from the animated series Jungle Beat and join in their hilarious adventures via a 5 minute episode before the main event begins.

Northern Ballet’s Bite Sized Ballets are the perfect way for your little ones in primary school, pre school or even younger to enjoy the magic of dance, music and storytelling on the big screen!

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Run time: 60 mins


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Wed 17 April




£4.50 adv & on door