Wilding (PG)(2024) 75 mins + Q&A
Screening: Big Banana Feet (12) (1976) 77 mins
Michael Rosen 11:30am Show
Kinds of Kindness (18 TBC)(2024)164mins
BridLit Book Club : Victoria Hislop
Henning Wehn: Acid Wehn 24.10.24
Fairport Convention 1
Milton Jones: HA!MILTON
Jenny Eclair: Jokes Jokes Jokes Live!

Thu 11 July 14:00

WILDING (PG)(2024) 75 MINS + Q

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Thu 11 July 19:30

Screening: Big Banana Feet (12

The long lost film of Billy Connolly’s 1975 tour of Ireland, newly restored

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Thu 1 August 14:30

Michael Rosen 2:30pm Show

Number 1 selling children’s author

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Fri 9 August 19:30

Kinds of Kindness (18)(2024)16

The latest from Yorgos Lanthimos

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Wed 18 September 14:30

BridLit Book Club : Victoria H

The Figurine

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Thu 24 October 19:30

Henning Wehn: Acid Wehn 24.10.

German Comedy Ambassador

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Wed 30 October 19:30

Fairport Convention

Folk rock legends

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Fri 13 December 19:30

Milton Jones: HA!MILTON

“He’s fast, absurd and very funny” Radio Times

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Sat 31 May 19:30

Jenny Eclair: Jokes Jokes Joke

My Very Funny Memoir

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“The elegant Art Deco interior of the Electric Palace hosts a packed programme of film, theatre, music and comedy including some major names” Dorset Magazine

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