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BPP Presents Peter Pan
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Wed 1 February

BPP Presents Peter Pan

"second to the right, and straight on till morning"

Great Ormond Street Hospital has kindly given permission for J.M. Barrie’s story Peter Pan to be adapted by Teresa Grinter into a pantomime script for Bridport Pantomime Players.

The story starts with the Darling Family strolling home through the streets of London under the watchful eye of the local policeman Sarah Light

Amy Carlile  is Mrs Darling , with James Oldfield a newcomer to the Players as Mr. Darling.

Their three children Wendy, Michael and John who befriend Peter Pan are Laura Gray, Emily Halsey and Ru Oldfield, and in  charge of the family although they don’t realise it, is Greg Horton as Nana the nursemaid.

All is well in the nursery that night until Amy Day as Peter Pan flies in through the window, with the mischievous Tinkerbell played by Sarah Williams and wake up the Darling children.

With sprinklings of fairy dust they then have a magical time teaching them how to fly.

Arriving in Neverland they encounter the pirates led by Jess Goldstone  as Mr  Smee. The nasty Captain Hook James Oldfield is terrified of the Crocodile who pursues him and ticking away in control of this cunning croc is Olivia Grinter .

Further adventures lead to an encounter with Big Chief Brown Cow, ably played by Teresa Grinter, with Justine Gawen as his lively daughter Tiger Lily.

Amongst the Lost Boys are Tootles Ziggy GrayNibs Alice Tuck, and Slightly Hatti Amos  together with two not-very-nice-to-know mermaids, Kwant Gardner and Sue Croker.

Together with a full supporting cast of Londoners, Pirates and Native Americans, why not join the Bridport Pantomime Players and fly off with them on this magical trip  to Neverland?

Flights are available from Wednesday 1st February with afternoon ones on Thursday 2nd and Saturday 4th.

With Amy Carlile as Flight Captain you’re in very safe hands….making this the ideal opportunity to leave the doom and gloom of winter.



Wed 1 February




£40 FAMILY TICKET (2A & 2C / 1A & 3 C)


£12 ADULT / £10 U12