Clive's Q&A for Loving

Human rights lawyer's interest in film

Human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith is returning to the Palace to do a Q&A following the showing of Loving (12A) on Saturday 8 April.

The film celebrates the real-life courage and commitment of an interracial couple, Richard and Mildred Loving, who were jailed and banished by the state of Virginia after falling in love and getting married in 1958.

Clive, who was at the Palace last year to do an introduction and Q&A for the film Eye in the Sky, said: “It is difficult to believe, perhaps, that well into my own lifetime it was illegal in various US states for black and white people to marry.

“Yet what better name for a couple – and a case – than Loving versus Virginia, named for Mildred and Richard Loving who challenged the absurd law in 1967.

“They had been arrested when the police busted into their home hoping to catch them committing another crime – interracial sex!”

“I was working with Colin Firth on his film about drones, Eye in the Sky, when he was working on Loving, and we discussed it then – how far we have come, and how much further we have to go. Perhaps we should at least agree to celebrate Loving Day at least, when it falls on June 12 each year.”

Tickets for the film cost £5 and everyone attending will have the chance to win a Lush limited edition ‘Buy One Set One Free’ bath bomb in support of Andy Tsege, a British father of three who was kidnapped from an international airport and held on Ethiopia’s Death Row.

March 20 marked 1,000 days of Andy’s illegal detention. Lush has joined forces with human rights organisation Reprieve, which was founded by Clive Stafford Smith, and is donating all proceeds from the sale of the bath bombs to the campaign to free Mr Tsege.

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